Hatters Hostels Limited (image)

Jonny has been the inspirational genius behind our branding since we started trading in 2003.

We give him an outline of what our requirements are, be it for a website, brand design or just a tee shirt and he comes back with ten better ideas and then shows us how they can all work.

Jonny has always been meticulous in his research and has taken the time to understand fully what we require no matter how frustrating and demanding we have been.

Being involved with youth tourism requires Hatters Hostels to have a strong presence online and Jonny has given us the best youth tourism website for 2008 as judged by BETA members as well as helping us develop a framework around which to increase further our interactive social media content that is key for a business such as ours.

In short we think Jonny is great… and he is a pretty good all round guy too.