mrjonnywood / Freelance designer, developer, consultant. mrjonnywood / Freelance designer, developer, consultant. mrjonnywood / Freelance designer, developer, consultant. mrjonnywood / Freelance designer, developer, consultant. mrjonnywood / Freelance designer, developer, consultant.


I’m a freelance designer, a freelance developer and a freelance consultant. More importantly, I’m all of these roles in one nice, bearded package.

Now based in Manchester, I’ve worked in the creative industry since 2000 and in that time I’ve seen business models change entirely. I’ve helped companies shift from predominantly paper-based marketing strategies to fully integrated customer engagement, both online and in print.

I think you’ll like how I think.

I was recently told that I think like no other freelance designer. That’s probably because I don’t just think like a designer.

It’s very rare to find a designer who thinks strategically and commercially as well as having a great eye for design.

Jonny will talk to you about your business problems first and then come up with a design solution whether it’s your brand, your site, or a piece of literature, or all three.

5 reasons to work with me.

  1. I’m honest and grounded with a warm character and a cuddly belly.
  2. I’ll engage with your business and brand, pushing the boundaries to provide a precise and engaging outcome for your target market.
  3. I produce good design. Good design increases brand loyalty, generates conversions and adds value.
  4. I build websites that meet modern standards, using techniques that ensure your content is easily found and actionable. A well built website can increase a brand’s trustworthiness and reach a wider audience.
  5. I go the extra mile and build long-lasting relationships with my clients.

A nod to agencies.

Building relationships is very important to me and that’s not bound only to my clients.

Being freelance allows me the flexibility to work in-house for agencies. When an extra pair of hands is required, you need an experienced creative who’ll bring not only technical skills, but ideas and a different perspective. Someone who will work closely with your team, can interpret a concept, has the knowledge to liaise with developers and articulate often complex scenarios to the client in a clear and understandable context.

Jonny Wood is a great creative. He’s an ace designer and has some excellent, original creative ideas. He is quick, ingenious, and gets the point straight away. If you have a demanding project Jonny listens carefully to your brief and comes up with an original, cost-effective solution. Jonny is your man.

A long-lasting relationship shows mutual respect and appreciation of expertise. Communication is key to this, and I’m never more than an email or phone call away; better still, a conversation in person over tea and biscuits.

Design workflow and process. Tailor made design.Tailor made. Design workflow and process.
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