Wish Tree (image)

Wish Tree

In February 2013 I was approached by Emily Johnsson, who essentially is Wish Tree, requesting a brand and website for her research and consultancy business. The brief was concise; I was to develop an easy-to-manage, yet inspirational website to support [Wish Tree’s] business communications. The brand would reflect blossoming and growth, two concepts the company…

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DMSF (image)


The Diane Modahl Sports Foundation (DMSF) is a registered charity set up by Diane Modahl in 2010. DMSF brings high quality athletics coaching opportunities to young people, particularly those living in disadvantaged areas. I began my relationship with DMSF in February 2011 via Northern Soho when I was asked to create a new brand and…

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Luvmycase Limited (image)

Luvmycase Limited

I was approached by Luvmycase Limited to develop a logo and an ecommerce site selling phone cases, plus functionality for a user to upload and edit their own photos for a case. The brand, colour scheme and site are deliberately simple and vibrant in order to stand out from the competition in what is a…

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Brand design (image)

Brand design

A selection of my brand designs from the past 12 years. To build a successful brand the following must be considered and understood: History Outlook Personality/Character Emotion Values Consistency These questions must be asked: Who is your target market? Is your audience local, national or international? How do you want to be perceived? What forms…

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JL Publishing (image)

JL Publishing

I love it when I receive an email from John Libbey at JL Publishing. It’s usually a request for a book cover and a time for me to get my thinking hat on and get creative. The three examples here were particularly challenging as we could not use any original images due to copyright. All…

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