Design workflow and process. Tailor made design.

Tailor made. Design workflow and process.

Whether you’re into cars or not, you have to admire the build and quality of the Aston Martin One-77. This exclusive car – only 77 ever produced – broke away from conventional automotive production processes. The car didn’t move down a production line as with ordinary cars, instead it was essentially hand-built by a team…

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Monday brings a brand new website for mrjonnywood

Monday, Monday.

Your freelance designer, developer and consultant is here. I’m proud to launch, my online home. Here to showcase my design work, discuss industry issues, share technical information, developer tips and generally ramble on to my audience. And what better day to launch a new website than Monday? Not ready for work yet? Take ten…

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Website development content

Design in browser, a sneak peak into my development process.

You may be wondering why I have an article that contains mostly latin text (see below). I normally remove this content before launching a website but I thought I’d leave it here to explain a very brief part of my development process. Website development. I build all my sites with WordPress, a free, open source…

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